Recipes from Queerantine, Issue #3

  • Recipes from Queerantine, Issue #3
  • Recipes from Queerantine, Issue #3
  • Recipes from Queerantine, Issue #3

Dyke Queen’s third issue, “Recipes from Queerantine,” was born during the pandemic.

Knowing that quarantine induced feelings of loneliness and deep isolation, we wanted to explore how queer people coped during this challenging time. We asked our contributors to submit a “recipe” that brought them comfort during quarantine.

The recipes are not all “traditional” recipes—they’re “recipes” for finding joy in healing, for transporting yourself to another place, for opening your heart up to love, even in the time of COVID.

J Wortham, the New York Times Magazine writer and co-host of the Still Processing podcast, wrote a Birthday Meditation as an offering to her friend who was celebrating their birthday during the pandemic.

Naima Green's photographs —"juicy fruit" and "Soaking"—christen the front and back covers of Dyke Queen. In “I am tasting myself” and “Soaking,” she captures the tactility and decadence of eating slowly — peeling an egg, squeezing a grapefruit —and the idea of communing with food through ritual.

Kamala Puligandla, the former editor-in-chief of Autostraddle, contributed a poignant, touching essay about how she fell in love with her partner over Zoom. Inspired by Justin Bieber’s Changes album, Puligandla takes us through how she opened herself up to love during quarantine, video date by video date.

Given the inability to gather with friends in community during quarantine, Alexandra DiPalma, the producer of the Food 4 Thot podcast and co-founder of Domino Sound, the queer, disabled Black woman-owned production studio, inspires readers to travel to otherworldly places with a sip of her shroom tea recipe.

Bridget Ore, the designer and illustrator, draws up a beautiful, intimate portrayal of 24 hours in quarantine.

Koa Beck, the former editor-in-chief of Jezebel and the author of White Feminism, bookends the issue with a comforting, rich recipe for cinnamon and chocolate vegan scones.

RECIPES FROM QUEERANTINE plays with the idea of recipe-making. Queerness is about the process of making ourselves—our chosen families; we create our identities outside of heteronormativity; and we imagine new ways of loving ourselves and the world around us.

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